Parasitophilia: A Blog About Parasitism

I am and will always be a student of biology. I hold a bachelor's degree in organismal biology (with a second major in history), a master's degree in general biology, and a Ph.D. in natural resource sciences with a specialization in applied ecology. I started this blog during graduate school out of a desire to become a more knowledgeable parasitologist. What better way to learn more about these incredible creatures than to make a sort of game out of educating myself? And why keep that kind of fun to myself? I try to post once every few weeks or so about a parasite or parasite-related topic. The journey on this quest for knowledge is something that I am sharing with you, my wonderful readers.  I hope that my posts will help others to understand that these magnificent organisms are not something to be feared or dismissed. Rather, these remarkable organisms should be admired for their complex life cycles, intricate evolutionary histories, and the intimate roles that they play in and among us all. 

So, I know that this is counterproductive to the idea of "don't be afraid, admire!",
but it was such a cool picture! I couldn't help myself....the SEM pictures are excellent! :p 

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